Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl

Elkhart Indiana, July 8,9 2000

Pictured above: (front; l to R)Jenny McDowell Free; volunteer, Paul Niederman; sprint champ+overall champ, Steve Wogoman, volunteer, Jake Free; race director, racer, Bill Murphy; racer

General results from 2000 race:

2000 hydrobowl results
100 m fl st sprint static thrust 2000 m criterium slalom
Paul Niederman

(1 ovrl)

1 1 1 1
Bill Murphy

(2 ovrl)

2 2 2 2
Bob Buerger

(3 ovrl)

3 3tie 3 3
Ron Drynan 4
Jake Free 5 3tie 4 4

100 m flying start sprints: (1st) Paul Nederman; 25.89 seconds, (2nd) Bill Murphy, 28.3 sec., (3rd) Bob Buerger, 31.88 sec.(4th) Ron Drynan, (5th) Jake Free

2000 m  (rectangular course) Criterium: (1st ) Paul Nederman, 15:28.47, (2nd) Bill Murphy, 15:36.47, (3rd) Bob Buerger, 16:37.44.

Slalom: (1st)Paul Neiderman; 2:12.95, (2nd) Bill Murphy 2:18.77, (3rd) Bob Buerger, (4th) Ron Drynan, (5th) Jake Free

Static Thrust: (1st) Paul Neiderman; 41 lbs, (2nd) Bill Murphy;  29, (3rd = 4th tie) Bob Buerger + Jake Free

Series Status (overall ; this race):

First place overall: Paul Niederman, Second place overall: Bill Murphy Third place overall: Bob Buerger, Fourth place overall: Jake Free,  Fifth place overall: Ron Drynan

First place in the sprints: Paul Niederman

Special thanks go to Marti Daily and Fletcher Grahm for exquisite judging and timing. , to Alister Taig for running the timing desk, to Ron Drynan  and Steve Wogoman, Rich Joy, Lucio, and Wendy, for their assistance in setting up the course, and to Alister again for providing us with the demo of his hydrofoil sailboat

next hydrobowl: Jul 30, 31 2001

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