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welcome to the self-propelled pedaled drive unit site

Starting in 1998, we have been perfecting a displacement and hydrofoil drive unit that takes efficiency and effectiveness off the charts!! It's prop-driven, and requires less power to your pedals because:

*The shaft is parallel with the flow, with the drive working inside a knife-like daggerboard and streamlined bulb; propellers are protected by a streamlined skeg.

*the gear ratios are adjustable form 2.4 : 1 to 3.1 : 1

*This means that the self-propelled drive unit will handle the biggest pitch propellers practical. For speed and touring hulls that are the most efficient (18 plus feet length, 40 lbs or lighter, less than .3 ft sq frontal wetted area**any two out of the three), it will accomodate a propeller of 24 to over 30 in pitch. For high torque applications this drive makes maximum thrust! In fact, a self-propelled drive shares the Hydrobowl static thrust record of 100 lbs!

*To take the shaft torques that these props require, the torque rating is 33 footlbs at the shaft. WOW.

*the derail-resistant and corrosion proof chain is SELF TENSIONING (Patented), with freewheeling option, reversable "booster" option, and energy "booster" (tension relief) option, watertight or racing options, watersealed option (soon).

Mount-in installation or kick-up installations are easy enough.

Self propelled unit has at least a 20 inch propeller blade clearance (i.e. 40" diameter)

Standing next to model,displacement drive next to model

and here as a displacement monohull installation:

displacement drive installed 
in monohull boat

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