Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl 2002results

2002 Hydrobowl Fun Ride ParticipantsHydrobowl Fun Riders line up at Six Span Bridge L to R:Fast Freddy Markham, Paul Niedermann, Christine Stahl, Aaron Styles, Jake Free, Bill Murphy, Bob Buerger

There were many participants and guests attending this years' Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl. The participants included Paul Neidermann, Bob Buerger, Bill Murphy, Aaron Styles, and an exibition apperance from Doug Dorsam with his sea kayak.

This years' event was mostly overshadowed by the presence of a wrather famous guest: Fast Freddy Markham. Freddy's credits while being too numerous to mention, include being a member of the 1976 US Olympic Cycling Team, being the first human on the planet to cycle faster than 50, 60 and 65 miles per hour. He has broken almost twenty world records, and is the winner of the DuPont prize for land!

2002 Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl RESULTS Freddy aslo participated in some of the events. Needless to say in the Criterium, he touched us all out by a minute or two!
Participant Sprint Criterium Slalom Static Thrust point total overall place race series points
Bob Buerger 32.87 seconds/5th place (33 points) 15:55.50 /4th place (34 points) 1:47.53 /2nd place (37 points) 50.35 pounds/ 4th place (34 points) 137 2nd (tie) 37
Jake Free 26.62 /3rd (35) 15:01.09 /2nd (37) 2:08.18 /4th (34) 81.7 /3rd (35) 141 1st 40
Bill Murphy 30.37 /4th (34) 16:45.12 /5th (32) 1:57.30 /3 (35) 46.55 / 5th (33) 133 4th 34
Paul Neidermann 25.06/1st (40) 15:22.21 /3rd (35) 1:38.84 /1 (40) - / (0) 115 5th 33
Aaron Styles 43.84 /6th (31) 17:33.29 /6th (31) 2:20.05 /5th (33) 95.95 /1st (40) 137 2nd (tie) 37
Special Thanks go to Kurt Free for officiating, starting, and running the desk, Susan and Jason DeFerbrache, for setup, and timing, Felecia Caruso for running launch!

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