Hydrobowl Points Race Archive


Warren Beuchamp, Rich Hodgekins, and Jake Free battle it out for the lead in 2004 Rockford Hydrobowl Croterium This archive includes point totals for all Hydrobowl participants by season. The points race series was established in 2000, the year multiple Hydrobowl races began.


Hydrobowl History


The first human powered boat race that used a Hydrobowl format was held in Elkhart Indiana as "Hydrobowl 95". The race was held in Rockford Illinois in '97, '98, '99 and Rockford continues to be in the series as does Elkhart, as well as Sparta Wisconsin, and other cities around the greater Midwestern United States. Single-year sites have included Heartland Michigan, Buffalo New York, Brantford Ontario Canada in conjunction with the 2002 International Human Powered Speed Championships, or the "Worlds".

The Format was developped from the former IHPSC races held in places like Washington DC in 1985, Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1992, Blaine Minnesota in 1993, etc. The idea was then as it is now: to race boats in a series of events which are different enough so that no one particular feature of a human powered boat dominates the rest. For instance, if a boat is built fast, it may be long and skinny. But it might not turn very well. If it is short and maneuverable, it may not do as well in straight line speed. If a boat is nimble and light, it mat not survive as well as a heavily built machine doing the heavy labor involved with a static thrust.

The success of the Hydrobowl series is attributed to the competitiveness of the race participants and the inspiring leadership of the race directors. Early directors include Doug Milliken (Washington, Vancouver '86 IHPSC,), Dennis Northy (Sparta, et al), Bill Ganes (IHPSC, LA). More recent race directors and Hydrobowl committee members include Bob Buerger (Rockford IL), Bill Murphy (Rockford IL), Warren Beuchaump (Rockford IL), Jake Free (Brantford, LA, Elkhart), Paul Niedermann (Rockford), Jay Dixon (Brantford Ontario Canada) Dan Grow (St Joseph), and many others who have grown the fruit of the modern standardized Hydrobowl.




Hydrobowl Format


There are four events in the Hydrobowl:




100 meter flying start sprints

2000 meter closed course criterium


Static Thrust

The individual with the highest points accumulation from these 4 events is the winner of the hydrobowl, and the individual, team or club with the most accumulated points during the year from different hydrobowl venuesis the points champion.

The points series scoring is that you throw out your lowest score, thus taking out one of the races of the year...if there are 5 races in the season, four matter.

The scoring is the same with the four events as with the tally of different hydrobowl venues. First place (best of each of sprint, slalom, crit, ststic thrust, or best score from each race venue)gets 40 points, second gets 37, third 35, fourth 34, fifth 33, and so on.

Participants race as individuals; each competitor is allowed 1 boat change per season. For more on rules, go "HPBoats.rulz"> The following is the total of points of each hydrobowl participant.


SEASONAL PLACE/POINT TOTALS as of 9-02 (Long Beach event not yet ran):
name boat name(s) Elkhart Brantford Rockford Long Beach place
Felix Audet "Felix the cat"   7th     31  
Derreck Banks "Wavebike 2"   3rd     37  
Brantford Raft Brantford Raft   9th     29 /TD>
Len Brunkalla catamaran     9th   29  
Bob Buerger catamaran 2nd (tie) 7th     68 4th/tie
Jake Free OP-1 1st 2nd 1st   117 1st
Daniel Grow sit-on-top surfski, fiberglass     5th   33  
Richard Hodgekins 20 ft touring kayak, carbon fiber w/ Kevlar aramid     4th   34  
Midland Ontario Highschool Team "Water Strider" hydrofoil   8th     30  
Bill Murphy "Transducer-5" and new catamaran 4th 6th 8th   96 2nd
Paul Niederman "Paul's Cat" 5th   2nd   70 3rd
Aaron Styles "Canyak 1.5" 2nd (tie)   7th   68 4th/tie
George Tatum "Glas-Feather"   1st     40  
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