Curriculum Vitae for Free Enterprises

Curriculum Vitae

Free Enterprises is a customer service company that does composites!

O R I G I N s

Free Enterprises started out in late 1984. We began as a basic fiberglass/FRP type product development consulting shop. Given the background of the founder, Jake Free, the firm started blossoming via an intense environment of art and science. Research began on special processes including tool development, propeller development, Industrial Sculpture related development, automotive applications, marine applications, aerospace applications, just to name some.

With a heavy emphasis on Industrial Design and Engineering Design, machining and metal fabrication, we have achieved many firsts:

First Hand-Foot Orbital Human Powered Hydrofoil; probably the in the first 20 to achieve flight. Sept 6, 1986

Early Pioneers in Metal Stamp Tool out of Plastic

Patent on Embroidered Laminate (Imagine a carbon fiber "macramae" hardened in resin with the strength layed in whichever direction you need it)

Active players in reduced-drag-vehicles

Patent on the first self-tensioning water cycle drive unit

Propeller development process including a carbon part in 5 days or less

Carbon Fiber "solids" using Industrial Sculpture/ Clay Modeling, Embroidered Laminating

Discovery of the mathematical Equations for Green Phase Scheduling: Millions are now going into research on how to drive through a green traffic signal without having to stop; we discovered the equations that govern this. The reductions of emissions due to infrastructure are ENORMOUS!

From this background and these concurrent skills, we have won most points races in the HP Boat field and we have made many great strides in fields such as energy conservation.


Human powered boats

Programming and Traffic Management Solutions

Clay Modeling; Industrial Sculpture