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human powered hydrofoils

All carbon fiber, pedal it like a bike, fly it like a plane. . . We began our carbon fiber research in 1988; our human powered hydrofoil research in 1982. Now, we build them, sell them, and supply parts.

high-end human powered boats and components

We build carbon fiber and high end composite boat parts; we're the largest supplier of carbon fiber propellers for human powered boats there is. We can build a custom prop in as soon as 5 days. Along with supplying off the shelf carbon props, we build pedal drive units, boat hulls, hydrofoil drive units and components and any kind of custom composite part!

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At the present, the best way to inquire about boats and components is to  E-mail us; leave your regular mailing adress and we'll send you a catalog or call at 574 875 1513. E-mail at


Sidewinder paddlewheel boat

Sidewinder individually cranking paddlewheel HPB; 1977