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[3--20--2018] Well, it's spring of 2018. After a loooong hibernation of commerce (see recession of 2007) things are getting particularly springy. Doing an agenda that connects to those times, we're posting articles on the trailer wreck, some 2006 races, and a tribute to Bill Murphy Although more along the lines of historical archive a Hawaiian adventure is posted. Don't forget to read the write up from the Rockford race Sept. 2006

A tribute to Bill Murphy, Inventor, Renessance Man, HPV Founding Father

[3--20--2018] Look for an upcoming Hydrobowl race maybe 2019, probably 2020.

[1--10--2018]Expect new tooling for the drive unit.

[9-21-2006] LIZA FINALLY GETS CAUGHT UP TO...With a complete rebuild, a new trial set of outriggers, a pilot who was "doing other things", a newly piloted Paul Neidermann's boat along with Warren Beuchamp, and Daniel Grow, Liza had some tough competition at Rockford Hydrobowl 2006

"The first Pedal Powered Boat in Venice was published in HPV News, the journal of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. A crusty version of the Vogalonga 2000is here

Vogalonga 2001 is

[9-21-06 post] While coming back from the Halloween Hydrobowl2005, the most winningest boat in Hydrobowl history was wrecked up bigtime along with the trailer. It proved a fascinating adventure though, recovering from being marooned out in the middle of nowhere. -->

[9-21-2006 post] Although it is old news, a pedal powered boat traveling over the oceans of Hawaii is still fascinatingly new! check here!

[4-2004] New Drive unit has been PATENTED!! It is no. 6,712,653 Versions of it have been pedaled for over four hundred miles. The page is available for viewing here

[8-01] This drive performed at the inaugural Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl

[11--15--01] Writeup for the Human powered Boat Summit is. . .er, . . uh, just back there. For a trip through the warm, interesting Tampa Bay in the St. Petersburg (Florida) area in a fast touring proa, check it out.

[6-02] During the early half of the 2001 racing season, a proa set a record using the new drive unit in the criterium; it was the first hydrobowler to go under 15 minutes. Also, this boat became the 2001 hydrobowl points champion by winning Sparta, Rockford and Elkhart.

[9-06] Watch for the Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl callout hopefully coming soon! Race will be in Elkhart Indiana.

The results of previous hydrobowls are here

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