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[9-21-2006 post] Although it is old news, a pedal powered boat traveling over the oceans of Hawaii is still fascinatingly new! check here!

Vogalonga 2001 is almost done

[4-2004] New Drive unit has been PATENTED!! It is no. 6,712,653 Versions of it have been pedaled for over four hundred miles. The page is available for viewing here

[8-01] This drive performed at the Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl

[11--15--01] Writeup for the Human powered Boat Summit is. . .er, . . uh, just back there. For a trip through the warm, interesting Tampa Bay in the St. Petersburg (Florida) area in a fast touring proa, check it out.

[6-02] During the early half of the 2001 racing season, a proa set a record using the new drive unit in the criterium; it was the first hydrobowler to go under 15 minutes. Also, this boat became the 2001 hydrobowl points champion by winning Sparta, Rockford and Elkhart.

[9-06] Watch for the Steve Shutt Memorial Hydrobowl callout hopefully coming soon! Race will be in Elkhart Indiana.

The results of previous hydrobowls are here

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